The Editor’s View


Well done to the Government this week for raising the single carriageway speed limit, there will be numerous well meaning organisations who strongly disagree with this move so making such a long overdue decision won’t be widely welcomed.  I for one support the change all the way, along with the … Continue reading

Driving licence costs to fall

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Driving licence fees are set to fall according to a government consultation announced today (28.7.2014). Under the proposals, licenses would fall by 32% for digital transactions and 15% for paper applications. New drivers would see the fee for their licence drop from £50 to £34 while ten-year renewals would see … Continue reading

Sat nav voices that drive you around the bend


One in 10 (11%) of people said that their mother’s voice would drive them crazy, closely followed by their partner’s (10%). The most well-known voice that would drive most people around the bend is Russell Brand, followed by Jonathan Ross, Ed Miliband, Alex Salmond, Jeremy Clarkson and David Cameron. Benedict Cumberbatch with his … Continue reading

Glass’s car market trend August 2014


The UK car market performed in line with Glass’s predictions for the month of June with 228,291 vehicles registered, adding another month to the record-breaking string of 27 consecutive months of growth. Taking a detailed look at June’s registration figure reveals that Business registrations once again held the top spot … Continue reading

Digital windscreens ‘to arrive by 2017′

Digital Windscreen

Some luxury cars could come equipped with cutting-edge digital windscreens within just three years, it has been claimed.  Speaking to Automotive News Europe, Eelco Spoelder – head of the instrumentation and human-machine interface division at German auto parts manufacturer Continental – said that the augmented reality technology was making rapid … Continue reading