Pothole-related breakdowns increase, says RAC

RAC patrols dealt with more pothole-related breakdowns from April to June, than in any other second quarter since 2015. There were 4,091 call-outs for damaged shock absorbers, broken suspension springs or distorted wheels – faults which are most likely to be directly attributed to poor quality road surfaces. This represented … Continue reading

EV uprising could cost jobs in Germany

Unless Germany’s automakers manage the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, they will face the consequence that comes with mass unemployment. This is the start warning that Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser has for the automotive industry. As carmakers look to push forward with aggressive electrification strategies in order to combat rising CO2 … Continue reading

A nation of over-confident motorists revealed

A MAJORITY of British motorists claim to be better drivers than everyone else on the road. That’s the key finding of research into how motorists estimate their position in the pecking order of driving skills compared with everyone else on the road. Online motor retail specialist BuyaCar.co.uk asked more than 1,000 … Continue reading

‘Pop goes the weasel’

Venson highlights the everyday items that could spontaneously combust if left in a vehicle on a hot day As the heatwave continues to sweep the UK, with temperatures reaching as high as 30°C, Venson Automotive Solutions is warning fleet drivers of the dangers of leaving certain everyday items in their … Continue reading