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Drivers of which brand of vehicle do you think are the worst drivers on the UK’s roads? Drivers of which brand of vehicle always take up more space on the roads, they also forget to indicate and are incredibly annoying? I bet you are thinking BMW owners, especially BMW owners … Continue reading

Motorists rev up for driverless cars

Lex Autolease

One in four (25 per cent)  drivers surveyed said they are ready to support the introduction of driverless cars that require no human input apart from setting the destination, according to new research by Lex Autolease, leading fleet management provider.          A quarter of drivers (25 per cent) surveyed said they … Continue reading

Honda owners take bad driver top spot

Honda world record

Although other drivers think BMW drivers are the worse on UK roads, Honda drivers came top in eight-out-of-20 driving offences. Honda was followed by Fiat, which took three of the top spots, according to the research carried out by Privilege car insurance. Offences analysed included pulling out in front of … Continue reading