£100m more to fill potholed roads ‘not enough’

THE additional £100 million pledged by the Government to help local authorities mend the UK’s  potholed roads is ‘welcome but it is not enough to cure Britain’s pothole pandemic’, according to IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) director of policy and research Neil Greig.

He added: ‘We need to ensure that roads are properly looked after so we don’t store up bigger maintenance bills for future.’  

Meanwhile, automotive insurer Warranty Direct is calling for the Government to establish a long-term road repair and maintenance plan for local and minor roads, following Chancellor George Osborne’s to double the amount of money the Government is making available to help patch up the nation’s crumbling highways.

Warranty Direct, which runs road maintenance campaign website Potholes.co.uk, says that the cash injection alone cannot solve the problem of Britain’s dire roads.

Managing director Duncan McClure Fisher said: ‘Motorists will appreciate this extra support as it will mean less cars get damaged. It’s another signal that the Government, which is simply dealing with the financial disaster left by the previous administration, is recognising the need to support motorists, but the focus needs to be on local and minor roads.

‘It’s not a solution to the problem – piecemeal cash injections won’t do the trick – but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

‘This needs to be the springboard from which the Government establishes a five or 10-year plan to revitalise Britain’s ‘Third World’ local road network.’

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