Half of UK businesses look to telematics to reduce risk

HALF of UK businesses are considering in-vehicle telematics to reduce risk associated with their company vehicles, according to ALD Automotive/YouGov research.

There are currently over 25 separate pieces of legislation which impact on the safe management and driving of employees while at work.

The legislation ranges from road traffic laws such as the Road Traffic and Road Safety Acts to the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act and the Health and Safety (Offences) Act, with punishments that range from fines and penalty points for drivers for breaches of road traffic law to fines running into thousands of pounds and jail terms for managers and directors and multi-million pound fines for businesses.  

Keith Allen, ALD Automotive managing director, said: ‘As our research highlights, risk associated with drivers and company vehicles is a major issue for UK businesses.

‘At ALD, we work with companies by having them outsource the management of their company vehicles and can recommend strategies to help them reduce risk associated with their company vehicles. A change in a business’s fleet policy, or the implementation of telematics can have a significant impact on reducing risk.’

The research is also reflected in the growing interest being shown in the recent launch of ALD’s, GPS-enabled telematics service, ProFleet2 GPS. A number of customers have recently signed up to PF2’s Premium Plus service with a number of additional clients due to ‘go-live’ this summer. 

With access to detailed journey data online, fleet managers can effectively manage their occupational road risk strategy and reduce the risk of road traffic and health and safety offences being committed by drivers and the company.

Installed in over 20,000 vehicles to date, ProFleet2 can identify erratic driving behaviour and provide fleet managers with auditable health and safety records. Fleet managers can find out not only exactly where their fleet has been – and how much time has been spent behind the wheel – but also, how the vehicle has been driven too. In addition, ProFleet2 delivers email alerts to fleet managers identifying costly or risky driving behaviour and the key factors which contribute to driver fatigue.

‘ProFleet2 is a key tool being used by many of our customers and this innovative technology really comes into its own in helping fleets deliver an effective CSR strategy,’ concluded Allen.

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