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IT comes as little surprise to the Digest that the results of a new survey reveal that cash for car schemes are falling out of favour. Ever since cash alternatives to the company car first started to be discussed in detail – perhaps with the advent of the so-called Whitechapel scheme in the mid-1990s – the value of them has been questionable. That is not just the financial cost to both employees and employers but also the cost of administration from the company viewpoint.

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Drivers put safety at risk with under and over inflated tyres

MORE than two-thirds of cars in the UK have under-inflated tyres costing motorists almost £1 billion a year in extra fuel, according to new research by fast-fit giant Kwik-Fit.Based on checks on more than 2,700 tyres across the UK in May, Kwik-Fit calculates that 69% of cars are being driven with under-inflated tyres, at least 3 psi under the manufacturer’s recommendation with just 4% of motorists travelling on all four tyres pumped up to the recommended pressure.

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New Volvo D5 diesel to appeal to company car drivers

VOLVO says that its newly enhanced D5 range has tipped the scales rebalancing environmental and performance factors despite larger engine sizes.

Sometimes a higher performing and inevitably bigger engine is what’s required from a company car which would usually compromise environmental concerns as well as attracting higher fuel costs and tax liability, says the manufacturer.

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