FSG customers to benefit from ‘game changing’ fleet analysis solution

SOPHISTICATED fleet operating data will be available in real-time online to Fleet Support Group (FSG) customers later this year in an industry-leading development that will further drive down running costs.


FSG is to make available to its customers an exclusive fleet analytic engine that processes data 3,600 times faster than any system on the market today. ARI(Automotive Resources International), FSG’s parent company, has rolled out the capability to more than 40 customers inNorth America.


It was demonstrated to fleet decision-makers by Tony Candeloro,ARI’s director of client information systems, at the spring meeting of FSG’s advisory Car Panel, which is composed of customers.


He said: ‘Our exclusive technology is a game-changer in the fleet business. Data is interpreted and reports are available instantly on a customer’s computer dashboard. In tests, data processing that used to take seven-and-a-half hours can be done in mere seconds.’


The powerful in-memory technology enables fleets to act on information as it happens, thus revolutionising decision-making, dramatically increasing the speed of existing processes and accessing large amounts of data in shorter periods of time.


Candeloro said: ‘Fleet managers are inundated with reports and tons of data. This ground-breaking technology puts all reports in memory and analytical reports on any aspect of the fleet are available in milliseconds.’


A number of vehicle leasing and fleet management solution providers offer online reporting, but Candeloro said: ‘No one provides fleets with reports at the speed or with the detail of analysis that we deliver. It brings about a fundamental transformation to the way organisations run their fleets.’


FSG chairman and founder Geoffrey Bray said: ‘All fleets, including our customers, want to further reduce cost. This exclusive analytic technology has capability that is totally unmatched by any other supplier.


‘Fleet operators can drill down into finite detail to examine overall costs and individual areas of expenditure by vehicle and driver and undertake their own benchmarking and trend analysis. The power and speed of the technology is incredible and our customers will benefit.’


The fleet analytic engine will power a raft of new, highly sophisticated real-time fleet data capture and reporting solutions fromARIwhich will be introduced to FSG customers.


ARIpresident Carl Ortell said: ‘Technology is a major differentiator forARI. Our investment in technology has resulted in the delivery of numerous online management reporting tools to business and we will bring those solutions to theUK.’

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