Driver training becoming more targeted as demands shift up a gear

COMPANIES operating vehicle fleets are becoming more discerning, targeted and sophisticated with their driver training as the range of options on the market grows.

According to Jonathan Mosley, director of sales and marketing at E-Training World, gone are the days when every driver would be ‘plonked’ on a half day course, with companies now mixing online training with in-vehicle tuition, and addressing specific issues rather than opting for a ‘sheep dip’ approach.

He said: ‘If a company used to have a poor accident record, many would simply place all drivers through an in-vehicle course. However that happens far less often nowadays.

‘Most businesses use an initial online risk assessment to draw up a profile of each driver, so that they can determine their strengths and weaknesses. In many cases this is then compared to accident records and fuel usage to decide what training is required, if any, and what form of training is most appropriate.

‘With such an extensive array of online courses available as well as the traditional on-road defensive driver training, fleet managers can select a menu of training interventions that will be pertinent to each driver – whether that’s speed awareness, manoeuvring, use of mobile phones or whatever the issue is that is causing accidents and costs to rise.

‘All drivers are different and this results in a far more sophisticated approach, as well as channelling investment into the right areas.’


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