Fuel prices continue to rise – but a respite looms, says AA

PETROL forecourt prices have reach an all-time high with diesel prices just short of the record – but there is some hope of a respite on the way, according to the AA.


The price of a litre of unleaded has increased 4p in the past month from an average 138.5p to a new high of 142.5p. Diesel prices have risen by 2.4p from 145.5p to 147.9p.


Petrol prices have risen by 10.23p a litre and diesel by 7.32p a litre, since the beginning of this year.


The AA has blamed speculators for pushing up oil prices and said the Government should do more to tackle the problem.


AA president Edmund King said: ‘Panic buying in March forced some cash strapped families to spend far more on fuel than their budgets could bear. Filling up a 50-litre tank costs more than some families spend on food each week. This panic buying masked a more persistent threat further up the fuel chain.’


However, the AA said that a fall in the price of oil from $126 to $118 a barrel since the beginning of April, offered some hope of lower prices for a while.

  • FUELtanker drivers belonging to the Unite union have been given until May 21 to decide whether to accept a revised deal. Talks to solve the long-running fuel tanker drivers’ dispute, which is over a number of issues including health and safety, continued at the Arbitration Conciliation and Advisory Service (ACAS) on Monday (April 23). Late on Tuesday (April 24) it was announced that a possible deal had been struck after 12 hours of talks between the union and officials from distribution companies. A meeting of drivers’ representatives is expected to be held in the next few days, probably followed by a ballot of union members.


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