FTA Van Excellence scheme offers GreenRoad discount

THE Freight Transport Association is offering its members an exclusive 10% discount on GreenRoad technology, enabling fleets to achieve a faster return on investment with enhanced safety and reduced fuel consumption.


GreenRoad, which specialises in driver performance and safety management, analyses a wide range of vehicle manoeuvres, for example speeding, braking, acceleration, lane-handling and turning.


It is claimed that a typical GreenRoad customer sees up to a 10% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions as well as a 50% reduction in collision costs. Further benefits include reduced vehicle wear and tear and reduced insurance premiums.


Van Excellence is an industry-led initiative to raise standards and improve the image of theUK’s van sector and includes a tough accreditation system and a strict code of practice, and is backed by many household names. Van Excellence is a standard set by van operators for use by van operators, sharing and formalising working practices already used by leading companies in the sector.


Mark Cartwright, the FTA’s head of vans and light commercial vehicles, said: ‘GreenRoad’s support continues to play an important contribution in reaching our goals. Its offer of a reduced cost service to our members will only serve to encourage additional improvements to the high operating standards of our members’ fleets, whilst reducing their operating costs.’


Aidan Rowsome, general manager of GreenRoad, said: ‘We trust that the support we are now offering through both the workshops and service discount will help fleet managers to work with their drivers to improve performance and achieve additional savings in accident costs, fuel, insurance and wear-and-tear.’
Van Excellence was launched in April 2010 and now has 110 registered operators running in excess of 135,000 vans.

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