Manufacturers fall short in meeting leasing company demands

THE major motor manufacturers need to improve their propositions to the contract hire and leasing sector after a survey revealed that overall satisfaction levels sit below 50%.


The new survey, sponsored by Volkswagen as part of its review to better understand the needs of its leasing partners for future service initiatives, saw senior personnel questioned from 34 of the major leasing providers, with average satisfaction across eight key areas sitting at 49.4%.


Sitting in bottom place for satisfaction at just 43% was vehicle manufacturers’ fleet strategy with support terms next lowest placed at 44%.


Satisfaction levels were highest for the brand and vehicle range provided which scored 59%, with dealer performance in second place at 55%.


Other scores were for the supply and order process (51%), the quality of the contract hire and leasing managers (49%), events and communications (48%) and contract support (46%).


The report, which also asked fleet decision makers to rank the importance of each topic, revealed a concerning trend that the areas of highest priority to the fleet sector were given the lowest satisfaction ratings.


The top four most important items to the contract hire and leasing sector were support terms (first place), brand and vehicle range (second), contract support (third) and fleet strategy (fourth), although three out of four of these achieved the lowest satisfaction scores.


Rick Yarrow, managing director of Experteye, which conducted the survey, said: ‘It is, perhaps, unsurprising to see support terms sitting as the highest priority to the contract hire companies, but second lowest in satisfaction, because everyone is always demanding better pricing. However, it will raise a few eyebrows with motor manufacturers that the leasing sector feels they are falling short with their fleet strategies, which achieved the lowest satisfaction score of all.’


He added: ‘This was an extensive survey, covering 34 major leasing companies that either lease or manage the lion’s share of theUKcompany vehicle fleet.


‘In most instances more than one person was surveyed within each company, in order to get a balanced opinion, and it was sponsored by Volkswagen (UK) which is undertaking a major initiative to ensure its products, services and support meet fleet sector requirements.’

  • Volkswagen (UK) donated £1,700 to the automotive charityBENas a thank you to the leasing companies for their participation.


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