New Ford Galaxy deal further reduces Addison Lee fleet emissions

THE Ford Galaxy is set to become a more familiar sight on the streets of London following a new agreement with Europe’s largest minicab firm, Addison Lee.


For the first time, Addison Lee has agreed a two-year contract with a manufacturer, rather than a 12-month deal, meaning up to 3,000 Galaxy models will join the fleet during the contract period.


Its 3,500-strong fleet of premium minicabs is largely Ford-badged with theUKmarket leader now supplying around 50 vehicles per week.


Addison Lee managing director Liam Griffin said: ‘With more than 3,000 of our Ford Galaxy vehicles on the streets ofLondon, the Addison Lee fleet is a familiar sight in the capital. The Galaxy has become synonymous with Addison Lee and representative of our professional service, so we are delighted to partner with Ford for another two years.’


A major draw to the Galaxy for Addison Lee is its fuel economy and low emissions.Griffinsaid: ‘Ford’s commitment to producing cleaner, more efficient engines has also contributed towards Addison Lee reducing emissions across our entire fleet by 10% last year.’

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