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IT’S rare that the Digest highlights in this column a new model. However, amid all the hype around electric vehicles and so-called extended-range cars, Mazda is staying loyal to the internal combustion engine. Demand for electric vehicles has fallen flat due to a range of issues. However, they essentially relate to price, total operating cost uncertainty and range anxiety. Extended range vehicles are a step removed from electric vehicles, but once again the price is high as it is with the imminent arrival of plug-in hybrids. Meanwhile, Mazda is billing its breakthrough technology, SKYACTIV, as ‘no compromise’. It debuts in the all-new CX-5 and in terms of price competes with a range of other compact SUVs. However, the model comfortably out performs rivals in terms of both MPG and emissions. SKYACTIV technology will gradually be rolled out across the Mazda model line-up. The marque is not anti alternative fuels. Indeed it is working on a range of alternatives, including hydrogen. But it believes, for now, petrol and diesel are the power of choice. Sales figures will reveal who is right. 

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