Drivers risk engine damage with failure to check oil

THREE out of four drivers don’t know how to check the oil in their car, according to new research from Mobil 1.


More worryingly still, says the company, almost half of the 1,000+ drivers questioned were oblivious as to why oil was even used in their vehicle’s engines.


The research also found 94% of motorists were unaware that using the correct oil could significantly prolong the life of their engine, as well as potentially improve fuel economy.


All of which means, says Mobil 1, that at a time when British car owners are feeling the pinch like never before, they could be driving blindly towards expensive engine problems in the future.


‘It’s clear from this research that drivers are largely unaware of the benefits of using synthetic motor oil – and in some cases people don’t even have a basic understanding of  the fundamental role played by engine lubrication,’ said Dan McGoldrick, field marketing advisor UK, Nordic and Benelux for ExxonMobil Lubricants and Specialities, makers of Mobil 1.


‘Using the right oil for your engine can potentially improve fuel economy, reduce engine wear and save lots of expense in the long run.’

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