The Editor’s View

THE UK motor industry is riding on the crest of a wave following the latest announcement that a global vehicle manufacturer is ‘backingBritain’. General Motors, parent company of Vauxhall, has confirmed that the next generation Astra will be built atEllesmere Portguaranteeing employment at the factory until the early 2020s. The news follows a string of investment announcements in theUKby the likes of Honda, Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan in recent weeks. Now,Britain’s biggest trade union has called on organisations – specifically the public sector but there is no reason that the same cannot apply to the private sector – to buy British-built cars and vans. Unite’s research found that 72% of vehicles procured by police authorities alone were manufactured overseas. Describing the figure as a ‘shocking statistic’, Unite claimed that 70% of all vehicles procured by local authorities and Government offices were produced outside of theUK. Manufacturing is core to theUK’s economy and given the condition of that economy buying vehicles built inBritainis a good way to help the recovery.

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