Drivers call for higher penalties for mobile phone users

DRIVERS caught using mobile phones should receive harsher penalties,GEM Motoring Assist has revealed following a survey of UK motorists.


The road safety and breakdown cover organisation surveyed drivers to find out how they felt about the current penalties for motorists caught using mobile phones, asking if they were too lenient and whether they acted as a serious deterrent.


Currently, motorists are fined £60 and receive three points on their drivers licence if caught using their hand-held mobile phone.


With approximately 211,000 motorists prosecuted for mobile phone use in 2010 alone,GEM’s survey results show that 91% of UK drivers think the penalties should be increased to act as more of a deterrent.


More than 90% believe that the fine for drivers using mobile phones should go up to £100, and more than 82% think six penalty points, not three, should be handed out to offenders.


David Williams, CEO ofGEMMotoring Assist, said: ‘Driving while using a mobile phone can make motorists four times more likely to have a crash and reaction times 50% worse than when driving normally, making it one of the most dangerous laws to break on the road.


‘Although having a mobile phone in your car for emergencies is advisable, we also urge motorists to switch it off when driving to avoid distraction and the temptation to use it.’


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