The Editor’s View

MOST drivers will have followed a light commercial vehicle displaying a sticker saying ‘this vehicle is limited to 70 mph’. This week, as Government ministers continue to discuss raising the national speed limit to 80 mph, van operators have called on LCV manufacturers to make 70 mph the default limit on models. Members of the Freight Transport Association’s Van Excellence scheme have called for a speed limiter to be fitted to vehicles as a no cost option. To use the advertising slogan ofBritain’s leading van manufacturer, Ford, LCVs are the ‘backbone ofBritain’. One of the reasons that ministers have trumpeted an 80 mph speed limit is to getBritain’s economy moving with faster journeys. But a higher speed limit puts road user safety at risk and increasing speeds also means higher fuel bills and increased SMR costs, say the operators. They also claim that by limiting vans to 70 mph there will be little detriment to journey times. Van operators are experts and both the Government and LCV manufacturers should take on board their views.

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