Six years of data reveals true fleet tyre mileage, says Michelin

A LEADING contract hire and leasing company which has recorded every tyre change mileage on its vehicles over the last six years has released figures to Michelin for its most popular car, the Ford Focus.


The mileage data (see chart below) comes from tyres removed due to normal wear, and relates to more than 4,000 front tyres and more than 1,300 rear tyres.


Several tread patterns for each of the manufacturers are present within the sample, as the data was gathered over a number of years. The data does not include any tyres taken off because of irreparable damage.


It reveals that in terms of longevity, the 205/55 R 16 V Michelin tyres outperform competitor brands on the Ford Focus, which was ranked as the top-selling fleet car in 2011 by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Data collected between 2006 and 2011 is shown below.


Axle Tyremake Sample size(number of tyres) Average tyre mileage
Front Michelin 1904 27,036
Front Bridgestone 493 23,772
Front Pirelli 704 21,693
Front Continental 908 18,374
Rear Michelin 653 44,610
Rear Bridgestone 168 42,074
Rear Pirelli 252 38,958
Rear Continental 246 32,693


The data was provided to Michelin as part of the tyre manufacturer’s on-going assessment of its own performance.


The leasing company, which runs tens of thousands of vehicles and is listed in the annual ‘FN50’ contract hire company report compiled by trade publication Fleet News, did not want to be identified because of commercial sensitivities.


Michelin’s product marketing manager Steve Dolby said: ‘It is really unusual to have detailed data like this made public, but it is so valuable for fleets because using tyres which last longer can result in fewer tyres per contract being used, with considerable cost savings.


‘These results are based on more than 5,000 tyres which is a really impressive sample size and the results back-up independent tests that have been carried out before.


‘What is especially important to us is that these results are real-life. The tyres have been run on fleet vehicles under normalUKroad conditions. We run many scientific tyre wear tests but they cannot replicate fleet journeys on a daily basis over six years. That is what really matters to our customers.’


He added: ‘This data is also important as longevity is not something that will be included under the new tyre labelling legislation.


‘We encourage all fleets to look at their own data and monitor tyre mileage performance because it helps them make a more informed choice based on long-term value.’


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