Demand strong for executive cars as BCA sales top £231m

DEMAND remains strong for upper executive, sports and luxury cars says BCA, as buyers continue to support the company’s programme of Top Car and Executive sales.


In the first half of the year, BCA sold 8,356 cars valued in excess of £20,000, worth a combined £231.4 million.


Across the board BCA has averaged 102.57% ofCAP‘clean’ for cars sold for £20,000 or more in 2012.


The highest value vehicle sold this year to date – a Bentley Continental GTC W12 Supersports that realised £129,500 – achieved over 103.5% ofCAP‘clean’.


Top Car sales are staged regularly at BCA Blackbushe andNottingham, with executive car sales taking place throughout the BCA network and 91% of cars valued £20,000 and over sell the first time they are offered.


BCA’s communications director Tony Gannon said: ‘Successfully remarketing luxury prestige and sports cars calls for a different approach than when dealing with ‘bread and butter’ fleet cars. Because of the additional activity required, it is worth consigning cars for sale early to give your remarketing partner time to get the message across to the buyers.’


He added ‘Few can afford to spend upwards of £20,000 on a whim, and with such specialist high value vehicles, the pre-sale marketing is critical. BCA uses both online and traditional media to attract the right mix of – specialised trade buyers and the all-important non-trade,  typically small business owners or self-employed professional people, who want their own prestige ‘company car’ and can benefit from buying in an offset tax position.’


Gannon continued: ‘It is a peculiarity of the economic downturn that demand for high value cars has remained on a high over the past two years. Despite the difficult economic conditions, the market for high value prestige vehicles is exceptionally buoyant, with buyers prepared to invest six-figure sums for the right vehicle.  It could be that some well-heeled buyers are simply deciding that their money might as well be put to good use on a prestige car rather than languishing in a savings account that is paying very little interest.’


Cars sold above £20,000 at BCA, 2012


Price Band Average Price Average Age (years) Average Mileage (rounded) Average vsCAPClean Average number of sales entered
£20K – £29,999 £24,020 1.5 17,317 101.76% 1.2
£30K – £39,999 £33,796 1.3 12,049 104.54% 1.1
£40K – £49,999 £43,401 1.2 11,081 103.66% 1.1
£50K – £59,999 £54,203 1.8 14,791 103.68% 1.1
£60K – £69,999 £63,941 1.7 8,945 103.15% 1.1
£70K – £79,999 £74,238 1.5 6,779 99.64% 1.0
£80K – £89,999 £82,455 0.8 5,294 96.06% 1.2
£90K – £99,999 £92,167 4.1 5,917 95.28% 1.7
£100K – £109,999 £103,400 1.5 5,785 92.65% 1.5
£110K + £129,500 1.0 2,621 103.52% 1.0



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