Business drivers approve of telematics to help conserve fuel

ALMOST 90% of business drivers would approve of having telematics installed in their vehicle, if it could help them to conserve fuel and reduce their annual fuel bill, according to a survey by ALD Automotive.


With increasing demands placed on businesses to control their fleet costs, reduce risk and cut emissions, the vehicle leasing and fleet management company has a telematics device, ProFleet2, in its product portfolio.


With driver consent, authorised parties such as a fleet manager can then remotely access the data and advise the driver on how best to improve their driving style. The changes, if implemented, can have a positive impact on driver behaviour, fuel consumption and help reduce costs.


Keith Allen, managing director of ALD Automotive UK, said: ‘Over the past seven years, telematics technology has evolved hugely, delivering a wide range of functionality that can help businesses to better manage the costs and risk associated with their fleet.


‘At the same time business drivers have also become far more positive about the use of telematics, recognising the benefits it can deliver to themselves as well as their employers.’


The survey quizzed 500 business drivers.

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