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THE British economy – just like the global economy – has been either in recession or teetering on the brink for about four years. Therefore, it seems strange that fleet decision-makers, according to a new survey, should only just be tightening up company car choice lists to cut expenditure. The study from GE Capital’s Fleet Services division suggests that carbon dioxide emissions, maximum monthly lease rates and maximum engine capacity are three of the key criteria used to set employee car choice. Those issues come as no surprise. However, what is a surprise is that some fleets admit that they were not as robust as they might have been in the past in setting company car choice lists. The ‘slackness’ in creating some choice lists possibly reflects the role HR departments have historically played in setting company car policies. But with the economy expected to remain challenging for years to come, it is a fair bet that vehicle choice lists will not be as flexible as they are even today. Driving down cost is key for business and that means tightening choice lists more regularly.

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