LeasePlan becomes latest partner of Van Excellence

LEASEPLAN, the UK division of the world’s largest vehicle fleet management company, has become the latest organisation to join the Freight Transport Association’s

Van Excellence programme.


The scheme, will be promoted by LeasePlan amongst its customers and encourage its standards to be adopted and followed throughout the light commercial vehicle sector.


The Freight Transport Association scheme was launched in 2010 to promote high standards of van operation and driving by accrediting operators against an industry code of good practice. LeasePlan joins the ranks of leading van providers, including Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Nissan, as a partner in the scheme.


Accredited operators are those who have successfully demonstrated that their fleet management and compliance systems can meet the demanding standards of the Code of Van Excellence, the voluntary code of practice for van fleet operators.


Mark Lovett, LeasePlan’s head of commercial vehicles, said: ‘We are delighted to realise this opportunity to partner with Van Excellence. Their own high standards mirror our commitment to providing the best possible quality for our customers. Acceptance as a partner represents recognition of the ongoing hard work that has been put in by the LCV team.’


Meanwhile, the Freight Transport Association is offering two new training courses for van operators, the Certificate of Excellence for Van Operators and the Certificate of Excellence for Passenger Van Operators.


The courses are based on the guidelines contained in the Van Excellence Code, which was written with advice and support from many of theUK’s best van fleets and represents the basis for the safe and legal operation of vans and light commercial vehicles.


One course is for individuals managing or supervising freight van fleets, and the other for those managing or supervising passenger van fleets, and both are aimed at raising standards across van operations.


Mark Cartwright, head of vans and LCVs at the Association, said: ‘Any organisation operating vehicles as part of its business activity must ensure the safety of drivers and the public, as failure to do so can have serious consequences.


‘These courses will provide van operators with a wealth of best practice guidance for operating safely, legally and efficiently and are designed to help raise standards across van operations.’


The courses cover areas such as vehicle maintenance systems, vehicle administration, driver licensing, securing of loads, speed limits/limiters, towing equipment and driver identification, behaviour and competence.


All delegates will undertake an assessment at the end of the course, and on successful completion will be issued with an FTA Certificate of Excellence, valid for a period of three years.


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