New car registration predictions July 2014


Performing in line with Glass’s predictions, the UK car market has seen its record-breaking run of 27 consecutive months of growth in new vehicle registrations extend to 28. Within June’s 228,291 registrations, the Business segment has again scored highest for year-on-year growth. At 26.4%, this is the sector’s fifth consecutive … Continue reading

Drivers don’t want tolls


Motorists are opposed to the privatisation of the road network and tolls according to a survey from the Alliance of British Drivers (ABD). The poll found that 53% of drivers did not want transport ministers to offload responsibilities for main roads to a private company while 64% were concerned that … Continue reading

Ghosn dampens driverless expectations

Driverless cars

The head of Nissan has warned that driverless cars are a long way from being a commercial reality. Speaking to journalists in Tokyo, Nissan’s chief executive Carlos Ghosn reined back previous expectations that autonomous cars would be available by 2020. Instead, the company aims to deploy a traffic-jam pilot and … Continue reading