Drivers ignorant of phone laws

Mobile phone

More than half of motorist are unaware that texting when stationary but with the engine running is against the law according to research from the RAC.   Despite having been illegal since 2003 for drivers to use a hand-held mobile phone, 61% of motorists didn’t know they were breaking the … Continue reading

ADI check tests plummet in Q4 2013/14


The number of check tests being conducted on approved driving instructors (ADIs) has plummeted thanks to the Standards Check.   In the final quarter of 2013/2014, only 789 check tests were conducted on ADIs, a drop of 82.2% compared with the same quarter the previous year which the Department for … Continue reading

Road deaths fall to historic low

Department for transport

Road deaths have fallen to the lowest since records began according to the latest figures from the Department for Transport (DoT).   In 2013, 1,713 people were killed in road accidents reported to police, the lowest number since national records began in 1926 and half as many as in 2000 … Continue reading

Government to ban CCTV ‘spy cars’

Lights illuminate the gothic forms of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben at night, Westminster, London, England, UK.

So-called ‘spy cars’ used to capture motorists who park illegally will be banned, the government has announced.    Since their initial introduction in 2004, the cameras have helped local authorities across the country rake in billions of pounds’ worth of revenue from parking fines. In 2010 alone, councils received £1.3bn … Continue reading