PM must invest in road haulage says RHA

The leader of Britain's main opposition Conservative Party David Cameron addresses a conference in central London, 12 March 2007, on the subject of climate change. Cameron said green taxes would be used to fund schemes such as taxbreaks for married couples. Britain's Chancellor Gordon Brown will seek to regain the initiative on the environment today with a call for a ``new world order'' to combat climate change.

The RHA is delighted that the next administration will be a majority government. Commenting, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “With one party forming a government we look forward to forging clearer and closer relationships with ministers and officials. In December 2014 George Osborne recognised the acute nature of the … Continue reading

EU gives green light to mandatory safety tech


The European Commission has given the OK for the mandatory fitting of a range of vehicle safety technologies. As part of a review of EU safety legislation, the study – carried out by consultants TRL – named technologies including Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), Automated Emergency Braking and seat belt reminder … Continue reading