New hybrid vehicle White Paper released as part of NEXCEL’s technology drive

New White Paper outlines hybrid development opportunities using Nexcel technology Testing of conventional powertrains demonstrates Nexcel potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 2 g/km 2018 Toyota Prius development vehicle demonstrates Nexcel packaging flexibility Castrol’s innovation business, Nexcel has released its new white paper on hybrid development. ‘Challenges and Opportunities for the … Continue reading

Mazda rotary engine to return as EV range-extender

Mazda will launch its first Electric Vehicles (EV) in 2020 as part of its ‘Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030’ long-term technology development programme. Unique technology approach Mazda will initially launch two battery EVs. One powered solely by battery, the other pairing a battery with Mazda’s small, lightweight and exceptionally quiet rotary engine … Continue reading