Government closes electric van MOT loophole

The Government has issued new guidance around electric vans requiring a MOT after Arval highlighted a ‘loophole’ in existing legislation that meant they did not have to undergo the test.

The new guidance says that from March 1 2015 the loophole will be closed, with MOTs applying to all electric vans.

Arval said that it was something that it had originally predicted, but it didn’t expect it to happen so so quickly.

Eddie Parker, fleet commercial vehicle consultant at Arval, said: “We are very happy to see the introduction of MOTs for electric vans.”

However, he added that the points Arval had originally made still applied to those electric vans registered before March 1 2015.

Arval is launching a new guide at the CV Show; Delivering the future: A guide to operating electric vans, which is aimed at providing operational guidance for fleets that are starting to operate electric vans.

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