Verilocation launches web-based tracking application

Vehicle tracking solutions company Verilocation has introduced a web-based application which operates Google maps with built-in live traffic, satellite and street view maps.

Users are able to log in to their specific accounts and view all their vehicles simultaneously, either as a list or on a map, with the ability to see live and historic plots and journeys for the current day.

Live plots include moving status (travelling, ignition off, ignition on, wake up) location with complete address, direction, speed and odometer reading.

Andrew Overton, managing director of Verilocation, said: “We are constantly searching for and developing new and improved methods to help our customers achieve better operational efficiencies.

“It was therefore an obvious next step to develop a web-based mobile application that enables our customers to have remote access to their fleets when convenient for them.”

Further updates with additional functionality, including more extensive journey information and two-way messaging between user and driver, will be available soon.

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