Video helps treble luxury car sales at the Leven Car Company

CitNOW’s personalised video communication technology has contributed to a three-fold sales increase of used Aston Martins for a renowned luxury car dealer in Edinburgh.


The Leven Car Company implemented CitNOW’s app-based Sales and Workshop technology in 2015, with the objective of strengthening customer relationships and adding ‘wow’ factor.


CitNOW technology has also broadened the retailer’s reach, as luxury car buyers further across the UK and overseas have been engaged through video during their search for a used vehicle.


The Leven Car Company’s used car sales success is a sign for optimism in a challenging market, as unsold used vehicle stock reached a record value of £27.3bn* at the start of October.


Success can be attributed to the Leven Car Company’s meticulous approach to video, with a strong focus on atmosphere, aesthetics and brand consistency. Background noise is kept low and each video is devised to flow smoothly.


This extra attention to detail has been recognised by customers, who are also purchasing more accessories as they tailor their cars to exacting specifications. The Leven Car Company has seen a three-fold increase in video use since the first year of implementation, and typically, customers have rated the retailer’s videos five out of five stars on average using CitNOW’s Rate This Video feature, reflecting a high level of satisfaction across the board.


Roddy McAllister, Head of Sales at Leven Cars Group Limited commented: “Embracing video has helped us sell more cars to a broader audience, while delivering the outstanding personal experience our customers expect.


“The ability to communicate the intricate details that make our used cars truly exciting has been invaluable, and made a tangible impact on the business.”


Alistair Horsburgh, CEO at CitNOW said: “The impact of personalised video for the Leven Car Company has been exceptional. Using video has not only enabled the team to sell a greater volume of vehicles, but also the high-value accessories that add the finishing touch.


“Retailers now have an opportunity to follow suit and build consumer confidence by adopting a technology-led, personalised approach.”


Retailers and workshops looking to learn more about personalised video can sign up for a Discover CitNOW Video event.

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